The Modern Day Interview

July 7, 2020

Doubt kills more dreams, than failure ever will

Karim Seddiki

No longer do we only have to worry about our CV being up to date or having the right qualifications for the job, the modern day interviewee has to consider:

  • Is my LinkedIn up to scratch
  • Am I connected with the right people online
  • Is my social presence appropriate

And in the current climate  –

  • Do I know how the myriad of video conferencing platforms work
  • Have I sufficient technology and resources needed for a virtual interview

You don’t have to be the most tech savvy to meet all of the above requirements, just remember at the core of the hiring process it is still a human experience. So don’t let a new format of interviewing intimidate you, start with the basics …

The Basics

  • First impressions do matter: business dress on top, PJ’s on bottom may be an option when interviewing from home, but if only to get into the right mindset it’s best to dress as you would for a face to face interview. You also need to consider the impression your surroundings give off – is it cluttered, are there any pictures/posters in the background, is the lighting right (it doesn’t have to be Instagram worthy just not too dark or too bright; top tip: face towards natural light) and lastly avoid being a floating head!
  • Professionalism is key: give yourself plenty of time to set yourself up for the interview and avoid any technical issues making you late. Interviewing or working from home can suck you into a strange time vortex of thinking there is no way you could be possibly late, which can lead to you scrambling at the last minute when your device decides to update.
  • Research, research research: of course, the staple interview rules still apply you need to research the company you are interviewing for and be well informed on what they offer. This doesn’t mean just a quick scan of their website, look into competitors, relevant news articles in the industry, be up to date with who their clients are (if advertised) and for your sake look to LinkedIn for employees who currently or have previously worked for the company and how long they stayed there. This is a key indication into what the culture may be like and can give you an insight into routes of progression.
  • Fail to prepare, prepare to fail: this old adage was never more true than when it comes to virtual interviews. Preparation is really key here in every aspect, to avoid technical issues, miscommunication or simply to prevent being put off by watching yourself talk on the screen. It’s best practice to do a test run, enlist a friend or book a mock interview with Griffin Career Consultancy.

Finally, the most important element of any interview is to believe in yourself. You likely believed in the magic of Santa Claus for 9 years you can believe in the magic of you for at least one day and beyond.