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How we support

The aim of the Student Career Consultation is to support parents and students in navigating the Leaving Certificate cycle, from subject choices to the CAO application process and the right third level course or next step in life for the students' suited path.

The Leaving Certificate can be a stressful time not only for students, but for their parents/guardians as well. Students will often turn to their parents for advice on subject choices and career paths. For parents it can be difficult to understand the minefield that is the CAO and to be confident that you are pointing your child in the right direction. Due to limited time and resources, the traditional school career guidance can often be found lacking when it comes to fully supporting parents and students through this process.

As trusted advisors with vast knowledge on the Leaving Cert cycle, PLC, apprenticeships and third level courses, we have the right tools to support both parents and students. To give students clarity on the right career path suited to their personality and lifestyle.

The Student Consultation includes:

- Initial discovery call to get an insight into the students personality, interests and academic results.
- Access to our multi-sensory career assessment tool, which will be completed by the student in advance of their appointment.

Student Consultation
The consultation will be conducted online via zoom
- Review current grades and identify what scope there is to increase on each subject setting a realistic target
- Conduct an in-depth analysis of suited careers, based on the results of the assessment and the student’s interests.
- Work through relevant qualifications to be obtained to get the student on the right journey.
- Identify suitable third level institution with advice on the most relevant course or next step for them.
- Review of the CAO process where applicable and how to optimise the application for a student’s chosen career path.
- Outline clear goals for the next step in the student’s journey.
- Parents/guardians are also invited to join the end of session for a synopsis of the findings and next steps.

Follow up is encouraged, we will be available to support on any queries relevant to what was discussed during the consultation

The objective of the consultation is for the student and their parents/guardians to come away with clarity. Not only on the next steps for their chosen career. But to have a full understanding on the journey that will take them to their chosen path, and what the job prospects and lifestyle may look like when they achieve this.