Interview Success Stories

June 8, 2023

Featured Client Case Studies

Secured a role as Client Service
Support Officer


Kieran was under time pressure for his interview, so we scheduled an intensive interview preparation session. During our session we focused on Kieran’s unique selling points (USPs) relevant to the role and gained insights into his skillsets. Related his strengths to the competencies required of the role, and worked on structuring his answers to highlight these strengths. After the session I provided Kieran with a tailored guide that included sample competency based questions, tips on how to structure answers based on the STAR method and insights on what interviewers are looking for. With all of this valuable focused preparation, I am pleased to say that Kieran was successful in his interview, and I wish him every success in his new role.


“I am delighted to say I was selected as the number one candidate of applicants. This would definitely not have been possible without Laura’s help”


Secured a place on RCSI Pharmacy
Masters Programme


Aoife had put everything into her goal of securing a place on the Pharmacy Masters Programme in RCSI. Her last hurdle was the interview portion of the application process. Aoife and I worked together over two sessions reviewing what qualities the college would be looking for in a worthy student and future pharmacist. I provided Aoife with key insights based on my knowledge and research, conducted a mock interview with her and provided her with a detailed guide on preparing for the interview. Aoife impressed in what was a very tough interview and after a few tense weeks of waiting to hear, both Aoife and I were elated to discover she had been successful in securing a place on the Masters programme.


“Laura made the whole process very easy and I felt prepared and confident for my interview”


Secured first place on the Panel for a Public Sector Role


Aisling had taken part in four unsuccessful public sector interviews prior to our session. Even though Aisling absolutely had the required competencies, qualities and experience required of the roles. She struggled to structure her answers to highlight her strengths, or pick up on what the interviewers were looking for. We worked together for weeks in advance of her next interview to hone her interview skills. We focused on structuring answers to competency based interview questions using the STAR method, and highlighting Aislings skillset. I also provided Aisling with a tailored very robust guide on what to prepare for her interview. Aisling was exceptionally happy with how her interview went and was placed first on the panel for a suitable role. I was thrilled to see the progress Aisling made through our coaching sessions.


“Laura has a lovely style of coaching, is very knowledgeable on the interview process”.