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Whether you are starting out on your career journey, feeling unsatisfied in your current role or looking to make the leap for that dream job, Griffin Career Consultancy can provide you with the advice, support and clarity you need.

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Your career should work for you, for your lifestyle, for your financial wellbeing and most importantly for your sense of purpose. Griffin Career Consultancy will help guide you to the core of who you are meant to be.

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The journey starts with the first step. Taking the jargon out of traditional career guidance, Griffin Career Consultancy will work with you to set out clear goals and support you on your next steps to a successful career path.
Student Career Guidance Griffin career Consultancy

Student Career Consultation

Supporting parents and students in navigating the Leaving Cert cycle, from subject choices to the CAO application process and the right third level course for the students suited career path.
Career Change Help Griffin Career Consultancy

Adult Career Consultation

Supporting those searching for a career change, graduates unsure about their next step, or anyone looking to rejoin the workforce.

Find your career, help with interview Griffin Career Consultancy

Interview Skills & Job Search Strategy

Supporting you in the job hunt process. Whether it's guidance on the best route to get that dream job or coaching on interview skills.

The best investment you can make is in yourself

Whether your focus is on determining career direction, conducting a job search or improving work performance, our services are available to guide you.
Career coaching
Strengthen confidence in your career with the guidance of a professional career coach. Through practical advice on your professional and personal development.
The right career assessment and expert interpretation will provide you with invaluable insight into who you are and your next move.
Interview Skills
Advice on how to approach competency based interview questions and coaching on how to maximise your soft skills to ace the interview.

Job Search Strategy
Get an understanding of the current employment landscape and how to identify the key position to match your skillset.
Laura Griffin Career Consultancy
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      Griffin Career Consultancy
      is proud to partner with Whitney Career Guidance

      Whitney Career Guidance, has helped many people reach their career and personal goals over the past 20 years. Run by Seamus Whitney who is one of the regions foremost Careers and Training Consultants. Seamus is renowned for his ability to inspire positive change and to uplift all those who work with him.
      Today’s fast changing workplace means the average professional will have a minimum of three careers. So proactivity is a prerequisite. To be successful you need to find your personal vision, and pave the way to the career that suits your individual values and strengths. Today’s step will lead to tomorrow’s outcome; we are here to help point you in the right direction

      Laura Griffin

      Laura has gained extensive experience in her career to date, from working within SME’s to large scale Multi National companies. Laura has a unique insight into the current employment landscape and workforce culture.

      Seamus Whitney

      Seamus founded Whitney Career Guidance in 1998. Whitney Career Guidance is an organisation committed to helping others reach their full potential as Human Beings.

      Student Career Consultation
      The Student consultation includes access to our multi-sensory career assessment tool, review of current grades vs target, in depth analysis of suited careers and advice on potential courses. As well as a review of the CAO process and how to optimise the application for a student’s chosen career path. Parents/guardians are also invited to join the end of session for a synopsis of the findings and next steps.
      • Consultations can be conducted online
      Adult Career Consultation
      The Adult consultation includes access to our multi-sensory career assessment tool, review of career and qualifications to date, in depth analysis of suited career path and advice on potential courses. This session will be tailored to each individual situation and will provide support on setting goals and clear next steps for progression to the career they desire.
      • Consultations can be conducted online
      Interview Skills & Job Search Strategy
      For those who have an interview lined up or a particular job in mind. This session can support you in your preparation for the role and provide a clearly defined strategy on how to get on the right path for your desired career.
      • Consultations can be conducted online

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      CEO – Chief Everything Officer (also known as a stay-at-home parent)
      CEO – Chief Everything Officer (also known as a stay-at-home parent)
      This got me thinking about the role of working in the home. If this was a job that was advertised in the traditional way, listing some of the quantifiable responsibilities of being a stay-at-home parent, it would likely read something like this -
      The Evolution of Your Career
      The Evolution of Your Career
      A job for life is a concept that is becoming extinct, the evolution of our life now runs hand in hand with the evolution of our career. Which means we constantly have to up-skill and adapt, to acquire new roles, that meet our needs and align with our purpose.
      The Modern Day Interview
      The Modern Day Interview
      The most important element of any interview is to believe in yourself. You likely believed in the magic of Santa Claus for 9 years you can believe in the magic of you for at least one day and beyond.

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