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How we support
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As the recruitment and interview process is ever evolving, our aim is to ensure you are equipped when it comes to finding your dream role or preparing you for a difficult interview. With unique insights into the current employment landscape we believe that we can support you on your job hunt journey.

Interview Skills

If you have already secured the interview, then you know preparation is key and preparing alone does not always suffice. As the reality of sitting in front of an interview panel can intimidate the most knowledgeable candidate. We will work with you to enhance your preparation, from working on competency based interview questions, to confidence building techniques, to conducting a mock interview. We will work together to leverage your experience and soft skills to give you all the tools to preform at interview stage.

Getting the interview is the most difficult part, the aim of this consultation is to give you the top interview tips we have accumulated from years of experience and to equip you with the belief in yourself in order to achieve success.

How we support
your career progression

Job Search Strategy

This consultation is for someone who knows the role they want or company they wish to work for, but need support on the tactics that will get them seen by the hiring managers. In a competitive environment it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. So through in-dept insights into the current job market and clarity on the job title jargon, we can work together to identify the best routes to entry. With the right qualifications and motivation we can advise you on the best strategy to get you to where you want to be. We will also work with you to analyse if this is the right step for you and whether the ideal role will be exactly what you believe it to be.

The outcome of the consultation, is for the candidate to come away feeling assured that they are moving in the right direction in their career and to know that the role they are applying for is worthy of them.

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