Coping with Leaving Cert Life

August 19, 2020

The uncertainties brought about by Covid19 have challenged us all in different ways. Right now, there is a lot of concern for students returning to school. Particularly Leaving Cert students, a stressful year for parents and students at the best of times. This year’s 5th and 6th year students face additional challenges.

It is looking likely that we will be living with this pandemic for some time to come, so let’s get proactive with practical tips and advice on how to cope with Leaving Cert life in September 2020. I can’t tell you how schools will be run in line with Covid 19 guidelines as this seems to vary for each school. What we can equip you with are some advice and tools on how to thrive as a student and how to support your child as a parent of a Leaving Cert student.

For Parents

As human beings it is only natural to feel anxious about uncertainties that face us. As parents we know our children have to be feeling this anxiety as well, whether they are open about it or not, which in turn is only feeding our anxiety. Instead of sitting in this cycle it is important to acknowledge it and communicate with your child about how you are feeling, to open the conversation for them to address how they are feeling. Remember you don’t have to have all the answers and you can tell them that you don’t but, you are here to listen and you will work on finding answers to their pressing questions. Communication and trying to understand what is going on in their mind is what is key to try and unburden some of the anxiety.

Stress Management

There are many tools to cope with stress such as exercise, meditation and a well-balanced diet. When it comes to stress around the Leaving Cert there are many supplements that can be used to enhance brain function and concentration such as Omega3 fatty acids. Nuala Ronan of Evolv Health and Wellbeing store will delve deeper into this during our webinar (see details below).

Study and Leaving Cert Preparation

After months of adjusting to online learning, before then going on summer break, it will be challenging to adjust back into the mind frame of structured study. It is imperative for students to set out a realistic appropriate study schedule tailored to them, one that can be followed regardless of, what if any further restrictions on schools are put in place. It will also be helpful for students to focus on their chosen career path and CAO points required to have a fixed goal in mind. If a student is unsure of what route to take, it can be very beneficial for them to have a consultation with a professional Career Guidance Coach, who can provide them with the clarity, advice and support on the best next step for them after their Leaving Cert. This can also provide the motivation for them to get the head down and study to achieve the best Leaving Cert results they can. Attendees of our webinar “Coping with Leaving Cert Life” will receive 10% off of a Student Career Consultation with Griffin Career Consultancy (details on how to register below).

For  further practical tips and advice on how to navigate the Leaving Cert cycle this year join our webinar:

We will be joined by expert speakers in youth mental health, study planning, nutrition and career guidance. Fee €10 with 20% of all proceeds donated to youth mental health charity Jigsaw.

You can also read this blog – “Spotlight on Students entering 6th Year in 2020” by my colleagues Mary Hickey and Seamus Whitney

By Laura Griffin